Web interactives

A interactive infographic for Shedd Aquarium’s website, featuring tips for a great visit. I created the creative first of all, and placed the content and text on the website using Shedd Aquarium’s CMS system.

I was recently involved with a comprehensive update to Shedd Aquarium’s website and these infographics can no longer be viewed live.

A screenshot of a webpage, featuring a top navigation, side navigation, and footer area. In the content area under the title, 'Tips for a Great Visit' is an infographic consisting of many square and rectangular cells pieced together to form a mosaic, under a large intro photo featuring two girls reaching into a seastar touch habitat. The icons in the mosaic area are placed on colorful, orange, teal and blue backgrounds and interspersed with photos of people and animals.

A screenshot of a portion of a webpage showing a mosaic of icons arranged in a closely-fitting puzzle pattern of squares and rectangles. A mouse hovers over an icon in the center, which has flipped itself to reveal the message, 'Save 50% on five Chicago attractions when you buy CityPass'.